Why Good Office Design Can Enhance Your Business

We spend about eight hours a day in our place of work – that’s a massive chunk of our lives. No one wants to spend their working life in a dreary, grey cubicle. There’s a growing realisation (and a host of research) that shows how a well-designed office can make the time we spend at work more productive, boost morale and better project your brand image. We grabbed five minutes with our Creative Director, Brendan Boyle to discuss how good office design can enhance your workspace.

Banish the Buzzwords

You’ve only got to dip your toe into the area of office design to see it’s bloated with buzzwords. So how do you figure out what’s right for your company? Brendan recommends putting the principals of design thinking to work to create a space that genuinely helps for your business. “There’s a real need to re-think the overall environment and to tailor the office to suit your company’s specific needs,” he explains. “I mean you can have as many hot desks, collaboration spaces and ideation rooms as you like but it’s about making sure that it’s relevant to your office as well. For example, we’ve created spaces like quiet areas and standing-only meeting rooms as they were things that truly benefited those companies.”

Getting Down to Business

At TAP we use a phased approach to make sure the design works for your business. Brendan explains, “We use a phased approach that consists of direction, development and detail. We’ve found it to be the most successful way to approach any job. This method allows real clarity for the client – they can see the design process and see what they’re getting.”

Getting Inspired

Creating a space that’s functional, unique and beautiful requires our team to stay inspired and keep up with trends. For Brendan, the adage ‘step into someone’s shoes’ is an important part of the process. “I find that inspiration comes from more unexpected moments when you put yourself in the shoes of the client or the people you’re trying to create a unique design experience for,” he notes. “We always approach it from the staffs perspective to see how we can make a more engaging design for them. Once we’ve tuned in to their perspective, inspiration becomes more of a seamless process.”

Stepping Out of the Office

Getting out and about can help too. “Inspiration can come from anywhere,” Brendan enthuses. “It could be a walk in the park for a sense of bringing the outdoors, indoors. It could be enjoying a coffee in an environment that you could consider for a nice breakout space. Or it could be visiting a museum to get a sense of a real open-plan space.”

Current trends are an important consideration too. Brendan notes, “Health and wellness is a trend that’s re-defining how many of us are living and that’s naturally going to extend into where you’re working too. It’s more about a tangible experience now and helping to create a more genuine sense of teamwork or community where everyone feels part of a common effort.”

Why Re-design your Office Space?

There are a variety of reasons why a client typically approaches TAP for an office re-design. Brendan explains, “It can be anything from staff retention to attracting talent. We also get businesses that have been incredibly successful and are expanding. So they need space for new staff and they don’t want to just shoe-horn new starts into a corner.” And some businesses need an absolute showstopper of a space to impress clients. He notes, “A client facing company often want their workplace to be an extension of their brand personality, so the design needs to reflect how they want to be viewed.”

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