What’s Happening in Retail? A Spotlight on Pet Stores

We at TAP have noticed Pet shops are upping their game when it comes to retail design. As somewhere we used to visit out of necessity for dog or cat food, design hasn’t played a huge role in terms of driving sales. Only recently, with the rise of Instagram famous pets with pet product sponsorship deals and modelling contracts, has it become common place to treat your pupper or kitter to new items more regularly. We are now starting to see pet stores become part of the stylised high street shops we browse through on a Sunday afternoon.


My Fluffy Friend’s Pet shop by MCM Interiors in Vancouver does just that. Cleverly, they have included some pet friendly interactive features in their store to encourage both owners and pets to have a playful attitude in the space. By keeping the walls white, lighting bright and displays out of reach of paws and snoots, the space feels clean and bright despite allowing the animals indoors. The colour palette consists of green tones giving an outdoorsy feel, this also serves as a fresh backdrop for shelves stocking healthy pet foods and treats. All together the space works well as a destination for both owner and pet to enjoy while they pick up some supplies.



Most pets are lucky to have great owners and as a result live a life full of food, sleep and fun. The latter being what the design of this next store focuses on. Pet Carnival designed by Rptecture Architects in Melbourne Australia is centred around celebrating the fun that comes with being a pet owner. The space is full of bright primary colours and separated into three house shaped structures each containing different product categories. These house shapes reflect the fact that many pets are very much part of the family home. The segregation of the space allows a lot of small products to be displayed without the store looking cluttered. It also makes the space easier to navigate for customers who know exactly what they’re looking for and want to find it fast.




Rptecture Architects have recently designed a second pet store called Pampered Petz, this time categorising products into similar sections to a home ware store. This is a fun approach to the concept of shopping for your pet, and again very much values the inclusion of pets as part of the family home. If you are looking for a pet bed you go to the ‘Bed Room’ section, or if you need pet food or bowls, you go to the ‘kitchen’ area. This is a clever way of segregating the store and ensuring everything is easy to locate. In terms of finishes, the store is more neutral than the two discussed above. The paint tones are muted and pair well with the white box section steel and pale timber shelving. This simple display methods allow the products to add colour to the space without it being overwhelming.




To conclude this post we would like to introduce you to the most famous animal in the world; Jiff Pom. Jiff has over 30 million followers across all social media channels, his own fashion merchandise, calendar and holds three Guinness World Records. So if you think Jiff is going to be happy with an average shopping experience, you’d better think again.


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