The Foodhall

Branding / Strategy / Environment

An Artisanal Destination

For over 100 years, the family-run ‘The Foodhall’ had been an indispensable part of the Nenagh community. However, in order to become future-fit, the brand needed to evolve in response to new customer needs and changes in behaviour. The independent retailer had always stood for great quality food and experience with its knowledgeable staff: it just needed the tools and environment to reflect this and grow it into a new phase.

We revitalised the brand with a new identity, brand communications, and store concept, positioning it for a new era with a more contemporary artisan look. Warm and full of personality, the design language brings to life the welcoming and knowledgeable attributes of the brand as a
pillar of the local community that understands their customers. The redesign ensures Foodhall will remain a go-to destination for premium, artisan food for years to come.

The transformation began with a refresh of the identity. We added a sense of craftsmanship with hand-sketched illustrations which are expressed consistently across signage and POS. A reimagined logo creates a bold statement that reaffirms its status as a neighbourhood icon with a more contemporary look that still acknowledges its roots.

Leaning on the brand’s reputation for quality food, our discovery session with the client led to a natural progression to offer a barista service. Alongside this, complimentary confectionery displays help to boost the consumer average spend. Warmth and personality The Foodhall has been elevated to feel warm and inviting with a fusion of contemporary and traditional touches such as wood fixtures and pastel tones combined with rustic ambient props. The atmosphere feels like a foodie destination you want to visit.

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