The Curragh Racecourse

Branding / Environment

Stories Untold

The Curragh Racecourse, situated on the breathtaking Curragh plains in Co. Kildare is one of Ireland’s most iconic racecourses. The beautiful architecture sets the scene for a truly remarkable venue.

TAP Creations were tasked with looking at a number of interior spaces that required a touch of personality, whilst complimenting the already stunning interior.

Focusing on the Lilywhites Lounge, we wanted to bring a sense of identity and belonging to the space. Taking into account the expansive walls, we wanted to use this opportunity to bring well-known legends of the Curragh to life.

With the help of local historian, Jim Kavanagh, we created a bold visual legends wall that tells the individual stories of select world-class jockeys to grace Irish turf over the last century.

Birdseye visual

The Lilywhites Lounge lacked a presence in this space. What was once a large blank wall became a rich feature that can be seen from anywhere in the lounge. Bespoke wallpaper with brass edged signage highlights the identity nicely whilst complementing the interior.

Video courtesy of the Curragh Racecourse. Trainer John Oxx takes a closer look at the legends wall.

The Curragh Racecourse is rich in history and iconic sporting events. It was a pleasure to take these stories and bring them to life.

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