Grocery Shopping Insights

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Tap Creations surveyed 163 people to help get an understanding of how Irish Shoppers are reacting to the changes in grocery shopping through the current pandemic. We also wanted to understand how people feel the shopping experience might change in the future.

2019 Trend Forecast

We at Tap are keen to get started on new projects this January. We love what we do, and the start of a new year brings new possibilities and fresh ideas. We understand the importance of taking the time to visit trade shows, read books and listen to podcasts in order to remain at the […]

International Ice Cream Innovators

We’ve got 99 problems but ice cream aint one. Bord Bia reporting a +7.5% YoY growth in frozen Ice-cream industry, we’re very proud of our renowned dairy farming. As part of this growing industry were keeping up to date with some of the world’s leading ice-cream brands. With a lot of strong competition here’s our […]

London Design Festival 2018

This September London was taken over by exhibitions, events and installations celebrating all things design. On behalf of Tap, Ciaran, Alice, Conor and Sarah took the time to visit the festival to further our knowledge on the design industry. Below is Sarah’s account of the trip. With a year’s experience in my back pocket, I […]

London Design Fair Materials

Our TAP team has returned once more from our annual design pilgrimage to London Design Fair. Always a beautiful smorgesboards of inspiration, we love soaking up all the trade shows to implement in our projects. Meeting new suppliers and seeing new furniture and textiles. Also stumbling across those beautiful hidden retail experiences which London has […]