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The festival of food

SuperValu had identified that a food revolution was happening both globally and across Ireland. There was a shift in the mindset of the Irish consumer where it wasn’t about buying ‘good enough’ food for a value price, it was about enjoying great quality fresh food.


SuperValu recognised they had to evolve to connect with this consumer and lead the food revolution. With this focus, TAP were encharged with reinvigorating the SuperValu store experience, creating a food destination that excites and delights customers beyond their expectations every time.

From handrawn illustrations to contemporary rustic features,
the design language pervades a sense of artisan freshness and
a genuine flair for quality, delicious food.

Recognising the consumer trend of basket shopping little and often, as opposed to the traditional ‘big shop’, SuperValu identified a further opportunity to define a refreshed look and feel that would positively engage this shopper profile.

The resulting ‘urban’ aesthetic celebrates a more robust design language in terms of bold communications and clean material finishes. This creates a contemporary and sophisticated – yet nonetheless accessible – ambiance that is readily identifiable as a new store format whilst adhering to the core ethos of the overarching brand.