SuperValu Killester

Strategy / Environment

Evolving a Brand Experience

Over the past 5 years, we’ve been so proud to work with Musgrave, Ireland’s leading grocery retailer, evolving their SuperValu stores to respond to the ever-growing demands of consumers.

Most recently, we’ve worked with the team in SuperValu Killester to re-imagine their store and position them as the market-leading in fresh food. Delivering an experience that engages and excites the shoppers, with fresh food at the heart of the store.

Our design team worked closely with the team at Musgrave and the retailer, Eddie Kane, and his team to deliver a design that was reflective of the SuperValu brand values while considering what was important to local shoppers and the community. The collaboration on the project from the start and throughout the process helped us to get a very clear understanding of the objectives.

The result was an evolution of SuperValu’s store, with a focus on fresh food leading the store. The customer experience and the presentation of fresh food are at the centre of everything, ensuring that each touchpoint within the shopper journey delivers a positive, engaging experience. Each department is visually separated, and each area is highlighted with clear communication to seamlessly direct shoppers. 

SuperValu’s brand story is woven throughout the space with materials that are inspired by the Irish landscape, local produce that is presented front and centre, and a continued emphasis on the brand values of local, fresh, community, and sustainability reinforced throughout the store.

Peter and the team at TAP were brilliant to work with. They helped us bring our vision of Supervalu as the market-leading fresh food retailer to life. The team at TAP really added value in terms of their ability to bring the store to life in a very real and practical way.

Eddie Kane

This project came at a challenging time for grocery stores, having to be reactive and respond to the ever-changing world we are in, but delivering this store, and seeing the effort put in by everyone to see our collective vision come to life was inspiring and a pleasure to be part of.

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