Say Hello to … Alice Greene

A graduate from Limerick School of Art & Design, Alice brings a distinctive enthusiasm to the team that possibly stems from her love of musicals and growing up in Australia. Alongside being an accomplished brand designer, she’s adept in editorial design and has a penchant for paper craft.

What got you interested in this career?

I chose a career as a graphic designer because I had an interest in both art and tech graph throughout most of school. For me, graphic design is a perfect combination of both. You have to think creatively and technically for a design to have the right impact. I’m a recent Graduate of Limerick School of Art & Design so I have worked on projects from packaging design, advertisement campaigns to editorial design and branding. What really interested me about working at Tap is learning how design works and feels in a spatial context.

What do you find the most rewarding aspect of the creative process?

The most rewarding aspect for me is when you see a project change from early experimentation to a finished design. Also seeing some form of emotional response when the project is finished is when you know you’ve done something right.

What’s the best advice you’ve heard in design?

Don’t work on something you don’t believe in, or better “don’t let someone convince you Comic Sans is a good typeface.’

What’s the hardest question the client can ask?

Last minute changes, it happens now and again. It is usually solved by reasoning the client that the original design we’ve provided is going to be a success and with Tap’s experience, we can stand by that.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on that parallels with your interests/hobbies?

Well, my Final Year Project was definitely an interesting one! Since I was little I always had a huge interest in Musical theatre, so I decided to design an editorial book called – ‘Not Another Musical Outbreak!’ It was based on the misconceptions of Musicals due to its unnecessary outbreak into song. The aim was to convince an audience using a humorous approach that Musicals are not just people flouncing around the stage singing in ridiculous costumes (cue jazz hands). What we don’t often see/hear are the underlying political and cultural issues that are driven by the narrative using song. So, if anyone is yet to be convinced, holla at me!

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