Pita Pit

Branding / Environment / Project Management

Redefining for a new market

With Pita Pit’s expansion into the Irish market, they recognised an opportunity to reinvigorate their identity to appeal to a more visually sophisticated audience with 2 trial stores in Dublin. With a strong insight to the evolution of the food consumer here, TAP were ideally positioned to bring the brand the next level.

Through a thorough audit of the existing brand experience, we identified a design strategy that would evolve the communications, furnishings and material palette under the overarching theme to ‘modernise and freshen’ the aesthetic.

The brand exudes an upbeat personality that doesn’t take itself too seriously; we reflected this through a series of playful, light-hearted communications.

With the ongoing success of the trial sites, Pita Pit have planned further expansion nationwide and benchmarked the new designs as their international best practise for rollout.