Offset 2018: Creative Culture in the Workplace

If you weren’t busy this weekend at Offset meeting your design heros or finding new heros. The Tap team was out in force to soak up the lurid creativity seeping from the Bord Gais Theatre.

This year we found a lot of parallels between speakers in terms of the culture within creative companies. Creativity and design is becoming more and more respected as a valuable company asset. With presentations from such as Pentagram, Moving Brands & USTWO Games. Here are some of our TAP Teams takeaways on cultivating a great creative culture inside your company.

“ Put love into your work & treat your employees with love”

 Daniel Grey

Positive Disposition

A can do attitude is an invaluable asset in your workforce. Throughout the weekend of lectures multiple speakers elaborated on throwing yourself in the deep end and what was most prevalent was there ability to keep their heads up when challenging themselves.

“Some people may trust you to do something your not able to do… Work Hard. Learn on the job. Use that to prove your capability and that you’re trustworthy”

Luke & Jody Powell

Dublin based illustrator Aoife Dooley and London designer Sean Murphy inspired many of us by exhibiting how they always aimed to challenge themselves in endeavor of producing quality content. Despite being conflicted with feelings of being an amateur in new situations. There positive approach to lifelong learning seen them through to creating some amazing work. Such as Aoifes new book How to deal with poxes and the new Eir brand by Moving Brands.


Openness and respect regardless of seniority or position within the company. Richard Brim from adam&eveDDB showcased how many times the quietest person in the meeting room or people outside the advertising profession provided valuable contributions which blossomed into revolutionary campaigns. Such as the clever discovery that an appetite for Marmite is a genetic trait.

The Marmite Gene Project proved an incredible success and originated from a single remark from a shy junior member of the company which was then built upon. A positive and comfortable creative atmosphere can culture amazing avenues of work. Weather a idea or statement is correct or not, it may fuel creative thought and perhaps reveal new discoveries.

Passion, Inspiration & The Generic

Amidst the saturation of content and inspiration readily available to us. A thread of common remark ran through both on main stage and on the smaller stage. That of where you get your inspiration from and what you aspire to be. Designers & artists in studios may often aim for what is apparently of the time and in doing so, blend into the hoard that simply isn’t noticed.

“Don’t just exist to do the work. If your doing that you mise as well hire freelancers”

A Playfull City

Daniel Grey of USTWO Games showcased a hearthwarming approach to creating a vibrant and creative culture in his games development studio. In pursuit of creating revolutionary games, Daniel encourages mandatory visits to museums and outdoor hikes rather than exploring other games design. Profit sharing and generous maternity & paternity schemes for employees. Very fitting giving the launch of their beautiful platform game Monument Valley 2 of which revolves around the theme of motherhood.

Challenging what’s popular, what’s brilliant and everything that’s lost in between many speakers this year encourage people to embrace fear and challenge the processes and systems of which they thought they should work.

Offset is an amazing festival which is guaranteed to hit your creative funny bone with an amazing line up of world wide speakers. Designers, artist photographers and those of which work blends the lines between fields.

Here you can meet creative juggernauts in the foyer. Be inspired by there presentation and congregate in the Ferryman after for a drink and energetic conversation. At the very least you will meet local Dublin artists & designers that you didn’t know of but will be infatuated with their work. Sun, inspiration & fashion. We thank organisers Brendan and Lisa for such an amazing annual extravaganza.

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