Branding / Front End Web Design

Delicious meals to inspire any occassion in any location.

Reputable Irish caterers, Fitzers Catering, have a rich heritage in food service. With the seismic change in their industry caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, they recognised an opportunity to reignite an early brand initiative to bring the quality and taste they’ve become known for, more conveniently into the lives of customers.

From their kitchen to your door

TAP worked with Fitzers Catering to develop the ‘Núrish’ format and retail brand identity. The concept, designed for a time-pressed customer who wants real quality, responds to the need for a coffee and pastry for breakfast, a selection of dishes for a corporate lunch, through to inspiration for a full evening occassion spread, and everything in between.

Our approach looked in depth at their artisan craft and commitment to quality to develop a foodie focused identity that embraces a ‘passion of food’, appealing to customer mindsets looking for something that bit better.

Our design includes a new logo, format personality, retail communications, vehicle livery and front end website design.

The earthen colour palette builds on the sense of being handmade and fresh, with spots of brighter tones adding a vibrancy to the overall feel. The typography is flexible and fun whilst the food photography is grounded with ‘real’ dishes that look as good as they taste. Combined with a suite of playful ingredient illustrations, the brand is full of personality that’s warm and down to earth, just like Fitzers themselves.

With rising urbanisation and busy lifestyles driving an increased demand for food solutions just like this, Núrish has robustly positioned Fitzers to evolve their service offer and maximise opportunities in this new era of human connection.