Molloys Liquor Store

Strategy / Branding / Environment

Beyond the expected

Molloys needed to change their brand perception in order to talk to a wider, more visually sophisticated audience. We worked with the brand to listen and redefine how the retailer was viewed, moving away from an impression of simply ‘another office’ to one of great quality, value, and exclusivity with a real sense of brand charisma.

Molloys Liquor Store

Our insight into customer experience, formed the basis for considered zoning of their product range. The new brand story engages with an experience concept of the ‘store-within-a-store’ translated through a conversational tone of voice and inviting, friendly communications throughout.

The new store and brand design has elevated Molloys position as a pioneering and forward thinking retailer, connecting and winning with the modern audience, projecting a personality that is ownable and believable.