Merlyn Showering

Strategy / Branding / Environment

Elevating the customer experience

We’ve been working with Merlyn Showering Enclosures since 2015 and have helped to cement their status as the market leader in the UK and Ireland through evolved branding and communications, engaging physical touch points and immersive showroom experiences.

Merlyn Showering

For their in-store communications we created a visual language that felt exclusive but never aloof. It was vital that Merlyn products felt accessible. Our intent was to emphasise the quality of Merlyn as its key differentiator.

Understated POS exuded this theme of quality across the communication hierarchy, engaging consumers on a more subliminal level to emphasise Merlyn as ‘more than just another shower enclosure’

This same level of thought was brougth through to the brand’s flagship showroom in London. Primarily aimed to trade customers, we used the space to emphasise Merlyn’s unrivalled designs and inform customers of the products technical benefits alongside their beautiful craft.