London Design Fair Materials

Our TAP team has returned once more from our annual design pilgrimage to London Design Fair. Always a beautiful smorgesboards of inspiration, we love soaking up all the trade shows to implement in our projects. Meeting new suppliers and seeing new furniture and textiles. Also stumbling across those beautiful hidden retail experiences which London has so many to offer. Here is a spotlight on some new material trends we encountered there. Stay tuned to see these in our coming projects!

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together – Vincent Van Gogh

Luxury Laminates

We have seen bare birch ply and chipboard used in retail and office spaces for the past couple of years. However this year we have seen and nice refresh of using these cheap materials with a more luxurious finish.

Dusty colour tones with a matt finish has elevated the humble laminate from the cheap alternative to a more bespoke finish. We seen companies such as Uncommon ProjectsJames Burleigh and Hitch & Mylius showcasing the potential of this finer finish. At London Design Fair Finsa used a black MDF fiberboard with a dusty laminate to showcase their Envisions exhibition.

Super Solid Surfaces

We have seen a lot of really beautiful examples of terrazzo over the years at London Design Fair such as Katie Gillies. However this year we seen Huget Mallorca pushing out the design capabilities of terrazzo with their furniture and bathtub.

In further innovations in solid surface materials we were blown away by Earthanatomys thin stone veneer. Concrete and and stone can create a real statement within your retail or office space. The structural and cost implications of using stone however are limiting. Earthanatomy has created a concrete and stone veneer on a flexible resin backing. With a quality finish, this innovation really got us excited to getting to use it in coming projects.

Quaint & Quite

The increasing demand for spaces that perform well acoustically has driven a lot of furniture makers creation more featured sound dampening systems. Hitch & Mylius, Halle and Icons of Denmark were all exhibiting furniture systems to help quieten the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We also experienced the Designer Dreamscape room from Icon which was a reclusive space entirely clad with sound dampening panels.

Baux appeared in a number of stall displays such as Chalk Jewelry, proving the aesthetic progression of acoustic solutions. Head over to our sustainable materials blog to learn more about Baux and other materials.

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