Keeping It Local…

There is a growing social awareness amongst consumers where they have  an emotional need to be part of something bigger than themselves. This has led to brands reevaluating how their stores can offer value – more than just their products – by serving as community hubs.Their physical stores aim to provide a social benefit, a place for building better community relationships.

Although e-commerce has usurped many functions of the traditional store, a brand’s physical retail environment still provides a greater platform to emphasise their social values in a believable way. This repositioning of retail spaces as focal points for local culture resonates strongly with consumers eager to make real-life connections in increaslingly digitally-detached surroundings.

Nike pionner community store

Employees hired from local area and used as base for local fitness club programs.


Consistent emphasis on local community e.g heralding local producers, hosting open healthy cooking seminars.

Wholefoods Detroit

Direct involvement with local community on design features within the store to create an environment unique to the neighbourhood.

Indigo & Cloth

Lifestyle menswear brand collaborates with local coffee brand Clement & Pekoe to house a cafe in their store.

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