International Ice Cream Innovators

We’ve got 99 problems but ice cream aint one. Bord Bia reporting a +7.5% YoY growth in frozen Ice-cream industry, we’re very proud of our renowned dairy farming. As part of this growing industry were keeping up to date with some of the world’s leading ice-cream brands. With a lot of strong competition here’s our cream of the crop of international companies. Ireland is a hot bed for quality ice-cream and we’d love to take inspiration from these flagship retailers to home.

Whoop Whoop – Berlin

Discovered on our retail safari to Berlin last Summer. We found the brainchild of a physicist and a business economist Whoop Whoop ice-cream. Founded in 2016 by Boris Konig & Philipp Niegisch. Whoop Whoop is at the forefront of in store experience on our list. With the aid of some thematic liquid nitrogen, you can pick fresh whole fruits and sweet treats to be blended and frozen to order within seconds! Destination based retail is what drives customers to leave their homes and Whoop Whoop provides an exciting customer experience and comfortable store design wrapped up in fun illustrated branding. This ice-cream theatre is also available to cater from a branded ice-cream truck. Vegan options and home delivery also tie the store into the local community.  

Oddfellows – NYC

With an infectious retro charm, Oddfellows of NYC evokes nostalgia with forward thinking flavours. Founded by Iron Chef’s Sam Mason and partners Holiday & Mahan Kumar in 2013. Outlandish taste combinations imagined from Holidays maternal cravings and crafted by a renowned chef draw on the opening of their first store in Williamsburg. Pushing the boundaries of combinations as far as chorizo, caramel & goats cheese ice-cream’s with many other traditional flavours. The inviting nature of their branding and interior design has lead to the opening of four more stores in New York. The business also offers homemade soda, candy floss, branded apparel and supplies wholesale to many restaurants in the area. The retail space can also host parties in the evening to the tune of all you can eat waffles and DIY ice-cream sundaes.

Halo Top – USA & Canada

Awarded Time Magazine’s Invention of the year 2017, Halo Top has one third the sugar, calories and up to one eighth of fat than household name competitors. This is achieved through naturally derived sugar substitutes. Contrary to the nutritional statistics, Halo Top is still branded and marketed as a luxury competitor to full fat ice-cream as opposed to a “lite” alternative. There slogan Ice-Cream For Adults encapsulates the modern health conscious consumer who works hard and also wants to indulge. As the US’s number one seller in 2017 Halo Top has opened three retail Scoop Shops with fun additions like ice-cream tacos & bubble waffle cones. 

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