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A Space to Collaborate

With an increasingly more tech-based business, FBD had found themselves in competition with a lot of the big players for talent. Recognising this, they set out to provide the type of workspace that would help set them apart.

They wanted to provide a space that would give staff a place to get away from the desk, a space to collaborate, and somewhere that would hold through to the traditional community values of FBD. 

Creating a great workspace experience requires aligning space, culture, interaction, and behavior. Working closely with the team in FBD, TAP set out to design a space with the correct balance of each. We began to do this by asking ‘who needs this space’ and ‘how would they want to use it’. By digging deeper beyond the early discussions of ‘what sort of space is needed’ we were able to define the intended requirements which helped us to establish an understanding of the type of space required.


We began the process with concept sketches to first establish a layout and define the overall style. This helped us to a direction which could be used throughout the space.

A graphic style was created that would flow through the space and embody the change in the area. The geometric style weaves its way from the entrance in a very subtle way to the vibrant atmosphere of the open area, adding colour and interest throughout the space

Having the benefit of TAP's experience in the area meant that we didn't feel behind the curve at any stage

FBD Facilities & Procurement Manager Derek Ivory discusses the process of the project

Through the use of layout, zoning, and the foresight for useful tech, the final space is a collaborative area that is adaptable to the needs of the business. With multiple zones perfect for the different tasks required and overall, an area that can be used to embrace the community culture of FBD.

As workplaces evolve post-CoVid-19, this will be even more important as companies strive to create safe working environments.

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