Berlin State of Mind

With its fierce creativity and ‘anything goes’ attitude towards design, Berlin has become more of a state of mind than a city. Recently our design team spent a couple of days in the hub of Germany known for its avant-garde art and delicious food!

There. Is. So. Much. To. Take. In.

Berlin is no joke when it comes to its unique and independent café and restaurants design, scratch the mass produced coffee shops, it’s all about individual authenticity. Simply by wandering the streets, you will find more than a dash of inspiration especially in interior and branding that will get your creativity flowing! Here are some of our interior and branding highlights.

They’re trend setters

Berlin are one step ahead of the game when it comes to trends. Noticeably a healthy eating trend has exploded in Dublin. Going to the place where they do the best ‘avocado & poached eggs’ has become the norm. Berlin has owned this by creating spaces that feel organic and not over designed.

Neon lighting on exposed brick walls, hanging lighting and comms that don’t scream the brand when you walk in the door…they just seem to get it right! When it comes to their café design especially, a considered atmosphere that suites both leisure and working environments creates a point of difference. Areas are designated specifically for client meetings or just a space where you can get lost in your work.

Branding Buzz

Woop Woop ice cream was a particular brand that stood out in a very minimal city. With its vibrant illustrations and sans serif typeface it creates a friendly and welcoming vibe that attracts all ages. Illustration that enhances the brand is something we constantly consider, and these funky and colourful shapes of fruit and flavours does exactly that. The space was well considered using a contrast of concrete against bright colours. This was definitely one of the ice cream stores (out of a lot) that was designed to not date.

We took a lot of inspo from of our quick trip to Berlin – it will definitely be a place to visit again soon to see what they’re doing next!

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