What’s Happening in Retail? A Spotlight on Pet Stores

We at TAP have noticed Pet shops are upping their game when it comes to retail design. As somewhere we used to visit out of necessity for dog or cat food, design hasn’t played a huge role in terms of driving sales. Only recently, with the rise of Instagram famous pets with pet product sponsorship deals […]

Berlin State of Mind

With its fierce creativity and ‘anything goes’ attitude towards design, Berlin has become more of a state of mind than a city. Recently our design team spent a couple of days in the hub of Germany known for its avant-garde art and delicious food! There. Is. So. Much. To. Take. In. Berlin is no joke […]

Sustainability in Retail Space

Today’s consumer is educated and can respect eco-ethical efforts in their retail experiences. Incorporating environmental sustainability into your business will not only save internal cost, but the informed customer has been shown to spend more in environments that reflect their ideologies. Here are some tips to encourage an eco themed space. “For every carbon measure […]

What’s new in Retail?

TAP Retail Picks  The retail sector is evolving very fast, it can often be difficult to keep up. We like to stay informed at TAP and we like to keep you informed too. These are some of our top picks for what is going on in retail at the moment. H&M FLAGSHIP STORE, PARIS The […]

5 Food to Go Insights from Our Trip to London

Want to know what’s trending in Food to Go retail right now? Our design team flew to London last week for a whistle-stop tour of the UK’s most innovative food retailers to find out. The tour was focused on Food to Go, a space that’s rapidly innovating and packed with potential. Read on for our […]

International Ice Cream Innovators

We’ve got 99 problems but ice cream aint one. Bord Bia reporting a +7.5% YoY growth in frozen Ice-cream industry, we’re very proud of our renowned dairy farming. As part of this growing industry were keeping up to date with some of the world’s leading ice-cream brands. With a lot of strong competition here’s our […]

Why Good Office Design Can Enhance Your Business

We spend about eight hours a day in our place of work – that’s a massive chunk of our lives. No one wants to spend their working life in a dreary, grey cubicle. There’s a growing realisation (and a host of research) that shows how a well-designed office can make the time we spend at […]

Offset 2018: Creative Culture in the Workplace

If you weren’t busy this weekend at Offset meeting your design heros or finding new heros. The Tap team was out in force to soak up the lurid creativity seeping from the Bord Gais Theatre. This year we found a lot of parallels between speakers in terms of the culture within creative companies. Creativity and […]

TAP Office Spaces

Our clients often ask us to look at re-designing their office spaces. From adding inspirational branding and colour to reconfiguring their workspace to make better use of the space, our office refreshes make a huge difference to staff performance and company culture. We have put together this brochure showing some of our work and talking […]

Say Hello to … Alice Greene

A graduate from Limerick School of Art & Design, Alice brings a distinctive enthusiasm to the team that possibly stems from her love of musicals and growing up in Australia. Alongside being an accomplished brand designer, she’s adept in editorial design and has a penchant for paper craft. What got you interested in this career? […]