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2019 Trend Forecast

We at Tap are keen to get started on new projects this January. We love what we do, and the start of a new year brings new possibilities and fresh ideas. We understand the importance of taking the time to visit trade shows, read books and listen to podcasts in order to remain at the top of our creative game. Below we have outlined five trends we believe are at the forefront of design in 2019 and are here to stay.

Sustainable Design

2018 was a year of realisation for many when it came to sustainability. It was as if the penny dropped and we suddenly began to act to reduce the negative impact we are having on the planet. With a dramatic increase in people watching their carbon footprint, brands are being forced to reduce their own negative emissions, and to ensure their offering is based on a cradle to cradle business model. In 2019 we predict this eco-friendly mindset will grow, filtering down into all areas of mainstream life. Interior design will reflect this shift in thinking, and companies will begin to use more sustainable finishes throughout their brick and mortar stores.   

Natural Materials

The above point on sustainability leads onto the subject of natural materials. Eco-conscious retailers have already given a nod towards this natural look, opting for unfinished wood and raw concrete surfaces in their spaces. The inclusion of these natural finishes helps to communicate new eco-conscious brand values, held by companies, to their customers. We also predict that handmade items created using materials such as jute, clay and cork will be more prevalent in interior design this year. Bringing the outdoors inside using these grounding elements is said to bring a sense of calm to a space, making it easier for us to relax and unwind.

Wellness and Lifestyle

As touched on above, it is no secret that our surroundings can have a profound effect on how we feel. Therefore, we predict that wellness will be the focus of many brands this coming year. Retail and recreation will blend into one, blurring the lines between shops, food places and services. It will become commonplace to see brick and mortar stores including a café area, library zone or manicure service. These extras will be based on the theme of self-care, one of the kinder trends to take off in past years.

Humanising Technology

We expect integration of technology into everyday life to be a key trend in 2019. In 2018, we saw tech products such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant become mainstream in many homes. What excites us about these products is how they are designed to work in our living spaces. Gone are the times when tech products were boxy and black or white. These days we have become accustomed to softer forms, in playful colours, with tactile fabric panels. Tech companies are working hard to make their products fit into our homes by treating them like stylish furniture or appliances. The use of on-trend colour, pattern and fabrics helps these items integrate into our everyday space.

Blocks of Colour

We predict a move away from dramatic patterned wallpaper and textured panels this year. Instead, we think designers will opt for single coloured walls that act as a backdrop for furniture and décor. Deep tones of green were popular throughout the latter half of 2018, with many spaces turning to forest inspired shades for an outdoorsy feel. In 2019 we expect these greens to modernise into shades of teal, juxtaposed against statement yellow and orange hues. In contrast to these bold shades, white is making a comeback.  ‘Almost white’ is set to become a big trend this year and will see spaces pairing several shades of neutral grey, white and beige to form the perfect nude palette. A palette like this, if used in a retail space, allows the product on sale to do the talking without compromising store aesthetic. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our 2019 trend projections. We are excited to hit the ground running this year with several new and exciting projects in the pipeline. We are all looking forward to incorporating some of these key trends into our forthcoming design work.

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