Say Hello to ... Sarah Twaddell

We’ve come a long way in TAP since we started back in 2015. A lot of great design has been created and the team continues to grow in strength. We are very proud of our people and would like take the time to introduce them to the world. So – throughout a series of blogs – that’s exactly what we’re going to do…

We’re going to get the ball rolling with one of our newest members – Sarah Twaddell.

Sarah is an award winning recent graduate of NCAD. With a passion for all things design and hobbies that include horse riding, she brings a wide variety of insight and knowledge to the team.


What got you interested in this career?

I chose to pursue a career in design because I was interested how we experience the world. More specifically, how we interact with products, spaces, services and each other. I also wanted to choose a career that put both sides of my brain to work. So far I have been involved in a diverse range of projects from furniture design, to pharmaceutical packaging, to gym equipment and love that I learn something new with every project and every client.


What do you find the most rewarding aspect of the creative process?

For me the most rewarding part is seeing people interact with something you have designed. Be it a product or a space, if they are able to use it without instructions you know you did a good job!


What’s the best advice you’ve heard in design?

Design for the way people are and not the way you think they should behave.


What’s the hardest question the client can ask?

If they can add a feature or use a certain colour because it ‘looks cool’ not because it serves a purpose… Or, can you do that for free?


What parallels would you draw between horse riding and design?

Haha! I suppose when you put a lot of time and effort into training a horse or designing a product, there is a sense of achievement looking at the finished design or at your well trained horse. Another similarity I would draw is that I never feel like I am truly finished. There is always something that can be refined, developed or continued in a design and the same goes for a horse.