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We were approached by St Conleths to bring a sense of educational fun and colour to the corridors and public spaces of the school. The idea was to engage the children’s imagination by delivering an interactive space in a theme of learning and individuality.


Working with the school’s Principal and Director, we agreed to run a workshop with the children where we explained that we were going to add colourful images to their walls. We asked the children to work in groups to draw what the school means to them on large sheets of paper. We took elements of these drawings and included them in our design.

“TAP Creations were given the task of visually transforming our Junior School in 2017. The resulting “Wow” factor which pupils, staff and parents experienced resulted from detailed planning and design from the TAP team in accordance with the wishes of the school. We are delighted with our vibrant and stimulating spaces. We hope to have them back!”

Tony Kilcommons, Principal


A fun and inspiring space for children to be curios and learn. We created interactive colouring walls, history and science walls, library book cupboards covered in characters from children’s literature, inspirational messages and break out seating pods. The children were the people who decided whether we did a good job and I’m happy to say, we did!


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