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To reinvigorate the interior ambiance of the Junior School reception and hallways with a creative that embodied the spirit of the school, positively engaging pupils, staff, and parents alike. With these prominent locations highlighted, the design solution would have to be enduring both in terms of an ‘age-proof’ aesthetic and robust material finishes for future generations to enjoy.



Working in collaboration with the Sharavogue staff, and as part of our phased approach, we ran a workshop with pupils to brain storm what the school meant to them. This fruitful exercise resulted with a wealth of ideas that we felt were really capturing the unique character of school. We then developed these ideas through a vibrant and contemporary design language that reflected the activities, subjects, famous children’s author quotes, and interactive features amongst others.


 Sharavogue School Staircase Map


The design solution has created an ideal backdrop for positive pupil engagement and is infused with a tone of voice that is ownable to Sharavogue. A creative and inspiring environment reflects the upbeat and welcoming nature of the school itself and has created the platform for future refreshes of their creche and montessori areas.

Sharavogue School Map Graphic
Sharavogue School Entrance Hall
Sharavogue School Entrance Hall & Classroom


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