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Intrinsic to the success of evolving its food and convenience experience, Maxol wanted to establish a new-to-market coffee brand that would reflect the proposition of independent coffee shops delivering a superior coffee experience.

We were asked to create a finer brand expression and experience, for the self-serve and barista offer, in order to help to force a reappraisal of Maxol’s food and coffee, and attract a wider audience including those the more discerning coffee drinker.

Rosa Coffee Cup


With the aim to establish a more ‘refined’ coffee experience, we set about creating assets that would pervade a sense of quality normally associated with independents then fused with some consistency to the overarching Maxol refresh we were developing in tandem. Rosa Coffee was borne from this. 

With subliminal connotations for fresh ‘roast’ coffee, the name was clear and brief to robustly position the brand in a highly competitive market. The warm grey compliments the rustic Maxol colour palette whilst serving as a visual anchor in-store for coffee. It feels more artisan, more premium but still inclusive and accessible for those that appreciate good coffee but who are intimidated by the aloof independent scene.

The hummingbird logomark further creates a point of distinction. Like the brand’s coffee beans origin, hummingbirds are native in South America. Symbolising energy and vigour, hummingbirds evolution in taste has enabled them to detect the sweetest nectar from flowers – a subtle nod to the elevated quality of the coffee. 

Alongside a standalone barista kiosk, introducing a modular concept for the self-serve unit allowed for a consistent expression of the brand across any store format. Meticulous attention to customer ergonomics ensured each interaction was seamless and efficient, setting them off in ‘in full flight’.

Rosa Coffee Barista


Redefining Maxol’s coffee experience allowed them to be positioned as more credible coffee artisans but still accessible and grounded with a deep understanding of their customers. Aligned with the Maxol refresh, Rosa Coffee is also being rolled out nationwide.

Rosa Coffee Barista


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