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The Mayfly is a premium, go-to Restaurant part of the Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport. With its unique location and history, we reimagined a brand that stuck to an aviation theme.

The name ‘Mayfly’ derives from the aircraft designed, constructed and flown by Lilian Bland in 1910 who was one of the first women in the world to do so.


Mayfly Interior

A contemporary logotype is proud and authoritative, standing for premium quality. Crafted letters ‘curve’ at the endpoints to reflect the form of plane’s wing. Extra level of depth encourages closer inspection and is subliminally suggestive of the depth and quality of the brand and its food.

A hand drawn illustration style reflects an ownable and unique personality that helps to engage customers on a more human level.

Mayfly Logos
Mayfly Window
Mayfly Menus
Mayfly Menu Close up


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