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Maxol, the leading Irish, family-owned, oil business has a rich heritage in forecourt retail and convenience that is synonymous with quality. Having recognised the need to evolve in this fast-growing market, they wanted to reinvigorate their brand experience to engage and win a more savvy, modern convenience customer whilst increasing  appeal to their loyal and existing audience.



Having identified that boosting the ‘foodie’ credentials of the Maxol brand was pivotal for its evolution, our research wasn’t limited to other forecourt retail experiences alone. Alongside supermarkets, we explored key trends in cafés, restaurants, independents baristas, and artisan foodhalls. Distilling the best features from these allowed us to make great quality, food convenience a cornerstone for the new, post-recession Maxol in a manner that was completely ownable to the brand.

We designed a simple set of assets: new script logotype that evoked a sense of handmade and fresh, a contemporary icon suite, rustic colour palette, welcoming and personal tone of voice, and communications hierarchy. The design development extended into materials, fittings and fixtures, furnishings, flooring, lighting resulting in a consistent expression of the new look and feel throughout the store.

The design has dialed up the quality perceptions of Maxol’s food service and convenience offer. It reflects the ‘Makes life simple’ call to action for the brand, enhancing the customers experience at every touchpoint to simply give them more of what they want – and beyond – whatever their shopper mission.


Maxol Barista


By re-imagining Maxol as a more credible destination for great food and coffee alongside its well established convenience offer, we have uplifted their focus from a standard forecourt shop in a convenient location to a go-to destination for great tasting food, coffee, and convenience.  With robust underlying design principles in place, the new look and feel is currently being rolled out across their stores nationwide.


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