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Our Interior Trend Update September 2019

With summer coming to an end, we are reflecting on trends we’ve seen so far in 2019. Find out below what we love and what we feel could be on the way out! Biophilia : In ‘The biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life’ – Edward O. Wilson  Designing using materials that allow us to connect to the planet may sound airy-fairy, but these spaces can actually help us feel at our most relaxed and grounded. Try introducing materials like jute, clay and concrete into your space to give it an earthy feel. Remember all the benefits that the addition of plants to spaces have? Add some plants in too. Succulents : Out They may be pretty and low maintenance greenery, but they are everywhere! We think they should move over and let other fancy plants like fiddle leaf figs, monsteras and eucalyptus have

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2019 Trend Forecast

We at Tap are keen to get started on new projects this January. We love what we do, and the start of a new year

Berlin State of Mind

With its fierce creativity and ‘anything goes’ attitude towards design, Berlin has become more of a state of mind than a city. Recently our design

Sustainability in Retail Space

Today’s consumer is educated and can respect eco-ethical efforts in their retail experiences. Incorporating environmental sustainability into your business will not only save internal cost,

What’s new in Retail?

TAP Retail Picks  The retail sector is evolving very fast, it can often be difficult to keep up. We like to stay informed at TAP

International Ice Cream Innovators

We’ve got 99 problems but ice cream aint one. Bord Bia reporting a +7.5% YoY growth in frozen Ice-cream industry, we’re very proud of our

TAP Office Spaces

Our clients often ask us to look at re-designing their office spaces. From adding inspirational branding and colour to reconfiguring their workspace to make better

Say Hello to … Alice Greene

A graduate from Limerick School of Art & Design, Alice brings a distinctive enthusiasm to the team that possibly stems from her love of musicals

London Design Week

From the 16th to the 24th of September London was taken over by exhibitions, events and installations celebrating all things design. On behalf of Tap, Sarah took

Euroshop 2017

People often ask me, where do you get your inspiration? How do you keep coming up with new, fresh ideas? When you’re passionate about what

London Design Festival 2018

This September London was taken over by exhibitions, events and installations celebrating all things design. On behalf of Tap, Ciaran, Alice, Conor and Sarah took

London Design Fair Materials

Our TAP team has returned once more from our annual design pilgrimage to London Design Fair. Always a beautiful smorgesboards of inspiration, we love soaking

The Phenomenon Of The Retail Playground

Shopping isn’t just shopping any more. The modern consumer wants an emotional experience when they are parting with their cash. Brands are looking to connect

Keeping It Local…

There is a growing social awareness amongst consumers where they have  an emotional need to be part of something bigger than themselves. This has led